Deep processing and use of limestone
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Lime is a common mineral resources nonmetallic minerals. Limestone mineral resources in our country, accounts for over 64% of the world's total reserves, is a kind of natural resource advantages. Utilization of the limestone in more developed countries abroad and deep processing results, with foreign materials, high-grade calcium carbonate fillers to enter the Chinese market, promote the domestic technological progress, speed up the deep processing of calcium carbonate in China's rapid growth, and rapid development towards diversification, specialization, refinement, expand opening more lime mining applications.

Limestone widely used, but in order to save resources to protect the environment, development and utilization of the limestone carefully, and take the shortest process, most likely a simple method, the most realistic market, with low cost and high quality, improve the market competition ability. Comprehensive development of limestone products deep processing both at home and abroad at present is the most widely used building materials of cement limestone, using physical processing of limestone, the limestone after crushing, grinding can meet the requirements of cement raw materials, also used for coatings, etc. In the process of production of packing. As well as calcium carbonate products, production of high-grade paper with coating level of heavy calcium carbonate products. Such high value-added fine, superfine heavy calcium carbonate and activity are widely used in papermaking process, commonly after crushing particle size - 2 microns of 90% or more for the neutral sizing of paper making process; - 2 microns particle size of 50% or more are mainly used for packing of coated paper. In addition to plastic and coating.

Limestone processing recycling process is at the beginning of the limestone ore crusher for broken, broken, grinding, can produce stones of limestone, 12, 13, 14, can also produce commonly used sand construction on the building, also can produce cement, coating, plastic, papermaking using lime stone powder, fineness can be from 80-3250 mesh, the main powder grinding equipment have 0 to 3 mm thick powder, 80-400 mesh powder, 400-3250 mesh field of ultrafine powder.