Grinding limestone powder machine us
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Running instance:

Using a thermal power plant in guangxi limestone - gypsum wet desulphurization (FGD) technology, is made from limestone powder and water slurry as the absorbent. This process is the most mature technology in the world, the most widely used desulfurization process, advantage lies in the sorbent utilization rate is as high as 90%, desulfurization efficiency is more than 95%, and put into operation rate is as high as 99%, suitable for large capacity units, can deal with all kinds of sulfur content coal.

"Mill" : 5 MTW175 euro grinding, host power 390 kw

[production] : the production of 70 tons

【 】 raw materials and finished products are: limestone, 325 mu = D95

Customer evaluation:

The desulfurization equipment bring us revolutionary experience, not only production, environmental protection effect is good, and very little power consumption, the key is a satisfied with our desulfurizer special power plants, help us to become power plant level 1 supplier is a good helper. 5 MTW175 mill a year only electricity can save millions of dollars, all of these are profit! Thank you very much heavy dawn!

Experts analyze:

Patent product MTW mill euro since its launch, has been successfully applied in many large coal-fired power plants, steel mills desulfurization projects both at home and abroad, is one of the best grinding equipment of desulfurization project. Using the desulfurization system, greatly reduced the coal-fired power plant emissions of SO2, completely up to the national environmental protection standard requirements.

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