The main advantage of energy saving
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Wide cc al powder engineering technology co., LTD., to share with you about what are the advantages of energy saving in the autumn of grinding machine, compared with the traditional ball mill and what are the advantages of energy saving ball mill? Energy-saving ball mill is the application of advanced technology can reduce the matched motor power 18-25%, saving lubricating oil 70%, save water 90%, comprehensive energy saving more than 20%. Widely used in cement, Portland products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry, etc. In addition to these advantages, the main advantage of energy saving ball mill what?

A and energy-saving ball mill than ordinary ball mill reduce the power of the motor, reduce the installed capacity and to improve the work efficiency, reduce the loss. And smooth operation, reliable work.

Second, hollow shaft adopts steel, lined with removable, rotary wheel with cast roll teeth processing; And cylinder body with wear-resisting lining board, has the very good abrasion resistance.

Third, oil is used in the main bearing lubrication, easy to use and clean, so as to exempt the heavy metal pollution.

4, Chinese and German heavy industry to sliding bearing for rolling bearings, not only large carrying capacity, long service life, than the life of sliding bearing up by more than five percent. Reduce downtime due to sliding bearing overheating problem.

Five, make full use of the motor capacity, after improving the lining structure can improve yield of 5%, 7%.

Six, optimizing the production process of traditional ball mill, improve the efficiency of the equipment, greatly reduces the power consumption, economic and environmental protection.

That is widely cc al powder engineering technology co., LTD. The small make up to introduce the advantages of energy saving ball mill, is only for your reference.